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Rašeliniště Velká Jizerská LoukaTorfmoor Velká Jizerská LoukaTorfowisko Wielka Łąka Izerska (Velká Jizerská Louka)

Peat-bog Velká Jizerská Louka

A state nature preserve comprising the biggest peat meadows in the Jizera mountains. It also called The Jizera peat-bog. It spreads to the north-west of the village of Jizerka along hte Czech-Polish border, formed here by the river Jizera. The characteristic features of the location where the Jizera springs are deep swamps, sandy meanders and blind branches of the river. The nature preserve is richly covered with knee-pines, junipers, park spruces and Carpathian birches. In view of the fact that it is a unique phenomenon in Europe it is closed to the public. A historically unproved legend about some Russian crosses tells us that in 1813, during the Napoleon wars, two Cossack guards were drowned here together with their horses.

Several sights to peat-bog

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